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The Rock Bible College Registrar


Principal Function:
As The Rock Bible College Registrar, you report directly to the College Director for the overall administration and day-to-day operation of The Rock Bible College, including marketing, student registration, record grades, prepare student transcripts, evaluate academic records, assess and collect tuition and fees, plan and implement commencement, oversee the preparation of college catalogs and schedules of classes, and analyze enrollment and demographic statistics.
The Registrar is custodian of student records.
• Plans and implements the registration process for classes
• Coordinate annual open enrollment for prospective students, including but not limited to the admissions process, coordinate new student information to students, and advertising
• Plan and implement New Student Orientation
• Oversee preparation and production of college catalog, website, brochures, student handbook, faculty handbook
• Oversee and maintain TRBC annual calendar and class schedules
• Keeps records of all college classes and curriculum prerequisites
• Prepares variety of student information, including but not limited to honors lists, transcripts and class rankings
• Maintains the academic records of all students
• Coordinate quarterly childcare needs with Children’s Ministry
• Serves as an Event Coordinator for TRBC activities
• Plans and implements commencement activities
• Certify students’ completion of TRBC program to other institutions
• Serves as liaison between TRBC Administration and Student Resources Coordinator
• Manage facilities and resources on class nights
• Serves as liaison between TRBC Administration and Student Council
• Coordinate with TRBC Alumni on various TRBC events
• Possesses a high level of technological proficiency
• Excellent written capabilities
• Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
• Possesses strong organizational, planning and problem solving skills
• Highly organized
• Able to quickly adapt to change
• Detail-oriented
• Possesses the ability to work with a variety of people
• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
• Capable of multitasking efficiently

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