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The Pastors Gathering


The Pastors Gathering

Main Sanctuary
Tuesday, May 15
Wednesday, May 16
Thursday, May 17

This Pastors Gathering is an opportunity to stand side by side as pastors and co-laborers building the Kingdom of God, one salvation at a time. Our desire is to encourage and energize you to continue this race and run with endurance to the finish!

Come and receive from pastors who have created something amazing in their ministries, from nothing more than a box of tissues and a heart for the lost and broken. This is what qualifies you for ministry, that you have heard the call of the Lord and have stepped forward. We humbly invite you to join us Tuesday, May 15, through Thursday, May 17, for 3 days of refreshing, networking, and motivation to grow and advance the Kingdom for 2018 and beyond.

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