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Elections Prayer Meeting


Elections Prayer Meeting

Online Zoom Meeting
October 27 @ 6 A.M.

Unable to participate in the dynamic 12-session Elections and Revival Praying series on Wednesday mornings at 9am?
Desire to hear and agree in prayer with Pastor Steve Kobernik and other intercessors in the Rock? 
Desire to lead the others in prayer for a minute about some issue or candidate close to your heart during the Corporate Intercession segment of this meeting?
Want to add your prayers to the “golden bowls full of incense rising” in heaven from the intercessors on earth (Rev 5:8)?
Want some resources on how to “Vote Bible” on candidates and on the propositions?
Willing to rearrange your schedule to participate in this hour, or part of it, maybe while grabbing a bite for breakfast or driving to work?

This special Zoom prayer meeting is an answer to your prayers!

(The Rock Church and World Outreach Center may not agree with every statement made on the following charts or websites. Use of them is for your own personal research. While considering the information please pray and allow the Holy Spirit and the scriptures to guide you as you vote.)

Join the Zoom Prayer Meeting

Meeting ID: 630 238 7412
Password: John316

Join 10/27 at 6 am!

Where do Republicans/Democrats stand on biblical issues?

Get a side by side comparison of what the bible says about the issues and where the parties stand.

Download Here

November 2020 Ballot

Get a list of the Propositions to be voted for and who is supporting each one.

Download Here

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