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Election & Revival Prayer Meetings


Election & Revival Prayer Meetings

Online Zoom Meeting
Wednesday mornings at 9 AM.

Pastor Steve invites you and your praying friends to participate in any or all of these 11 corporate prayer meetings.  We will be focusing on intercession for revival in the church, a turning to God in the general population, and godly leadership in the governments of California and America.  We will be especially fervent in crying out to God for candidates most agreeable to Him to win in every political race in our nation, our state, our 58 counties, 482 cities, and 1,037 school districts.  We will be seeking the heart of God week by week, and include accurate statistics, party platform facts, and names of candidates.

The 12th and last Zoom meeting will be a celebration the day after the election, because we already know from experience that our prayers are powerful and effective.

There will be good opportunities for interaction and out-loud prayers and declarations. 
You may want to host a “Prayer Party” to increase fervency and joy. 
Many prayer leaders across the country are doing similar things, so we will be part of a beautiful and powerful corporate prayer movement of the Spirit in this season.

Let's Pray for our Nation

Meeting ID: 850 0311 7788
Passcode: 1234

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