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10 Days of Awe-Some Repenting


10 Days of Awe-Some Repenting

From Your Home
September 19-28

You need God! 
California needs God! 
America needs God! 
We have been hit with Covid-19 and all its ramifications, a terrible fire season, and an unusually trying election coming up. 
Would you join us in 10 days of corporate prayer and fasting, or just praying? 
As your Pastor of Prayer, I am calling you to set aside 20-30 minutes each day for 10 days to ponder some Bible verses, answer some deep personal questions, and write a couple of sentences as you take responsibility for your personal spiritual growth. You may want to do this individually, as a family, or with a friend or two, on your own devotional schedule, and wherever you like.
If you’re game, please click the link below to read the blog so you will understand why 10 days, and why the 19th-28th of this month, AND THEN download the short PDF.
The devotional can be downloaded at the bottom of the blog page.
-Pastor Steve Kobernik

10 Days of Awe-Some Repenting Devotional

Read a blog from Pastor Steve, and then download the devotional.

Read the Devotional!

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