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You can have a good marriage!

Hendrik Becker February 14, 2015 General

If you want to know how to have a good marriage then look to the originator of marriage…God. In Ephesians chapter 5 we find eight commandments God gives to the husband and four commandments God gives to the wife in order to have a lasting and meaningful marriage. God has made a way and He has all the answers if you are ready to do marriage God’s way!

Married Life

Here at The Rock we celebrate the family and therefore always encourage couples to do whatever it takes to have strong marriages. We understand the level of stress and challenges couples face on a regular basis but believe that God’s grace is always bigger than our problems. Making God the highest priority in your life and families by living a life that pleases God, will without a doubt secure peace and goodness in your homes!

The Plan

First of all, attend church services; this is where healthy homes and families start! Be sure to listen to the recent marriage series Love Songs. It is available to you on this website completely free! You are invited to join a Marrieds Small group where you can meet other couples, make Godly friends and get encouraged. Life with God is an incredibly satisfying adventure and in meeting with other couples you may find your challenges not to be unique and undoable! Let’s relate, laugh and stay in love!

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