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Ways to Create Extra Funds for Christmas and Not Panic!

Maricel Omura November 3, 2017 GeneralWomen Rock

November is here and that means the holidays are upon us!

How did we get here so fast? Didn’t we just have Christmas, like yesterday? It seems like year after year time goes faster and faster. If you’re like most of us, you’ve haven’t put aside money throughout the year for the holidays (note to self for 2018), but don’t stress yourselves out, let’s create a plan to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday 2017.

Typically, I would recommend saving throughout the year.
Since it’s November, let’s just focus on what we can do NOW!!

1.) Find the amount you can afford and would like to spend.

The plan is NOT to go in DEBT! Every family and situation will be different, you will probably have to tweak numbers around, and then make a list of your upcoming expenses.
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Here are some examples:

Make a list of the people you plan on giving presents to this Christmas.

20 people at $20=$400 (Again, this is an example! You have to customize to what you can afford.)
Wrapping paper/bags- $25
Thanksgiving and Christmas Decorations- $50
Christmas cards/stamps-$25
Christmas outfits for the family-$50
Thanksgiving and Christmas food preparations-$100
Family traditions, Gingerbread houses, family pajamas, movie night etc.-$50
TOTAL: $700

You have to customize your list according to your budget and family.

Don’t forget to look for awesome SALES and DEALS. Cut those coupons, subscribe to those newsletters for the promo codes. Think about doing DIY’s (Do It Yourself) as gifts, that can lessen your spending!! Browse and start gathering ideas you can make beauty out of simple items you may already have! I know there are some crazy talented moms out there that have beautiful creations and this is the perfect time to share your DIY’s.

Now that we established the budgeted amount you’re going to need, you’re probably wondering how in the world am I going to afford Christmas? Don’t get panicked and anxious!!! You need to take action.

2.) Make Extra Money!!!

Ladies! Here are some ways you can make some extra money this season:

Use those garage sales and Buy, Sell, Trade groups on social media and websites. I know you have plenty of “stuff” that is just laying around in your house collecting dust and is not being used. Kids have clothes and shoes they’ve outgrown. What about those “last year” Christmas toys that haven’t been played with in months! Get rid of those and make money doing it!

Holiday part-time jobs are a great place to make extra money this holiday season. There are plenty of stores that need your extra help during this busy season!! Coffee shops, Grub Hub delivering food, get creative! You can offer to babysit, there will be lots of holiday parties that do not involve children and you’re the person they need! You can clean houses, people will be hosting parties in their homes and they don’t have time to clean. You’re the person they need! What about wrapping presents? Some people do not like wrapping presents or they don’t have time to. You’re the person they need!

Finding extra funds is not only for the holiday season. You can use these ideas to have additional funds to pay down debt, vacations, and simply to save for a rainy day!

Remember girls, the Bible says “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

Stay tuned for more holiday conversations as we gear up for Girls Night Out, register here.


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