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Three Ways For You To Get Into The Christmas Spirit!

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Three Ways For You To Get Into The Christmas Spirit!

Beth Sandell November 29, 2017 GeneralWomen Rock

Alright, ladies! It is that time of the year, it is Christmas time!

I have three ways for you to get into the Christmas spirit:

1: Get together with friends or family!

You could go and look at Christmas lights together because we have plenty of local places to go to! We have The Mission Inn in Riverside, Thoroughbred in Rancho Cucamonga, or Manchester St. in Yucaipa. Or maybe you just want to gather over some Christmas cocoa or hot coffee. You can even host a Christmas cookie decorating party!

2. Serve others!

The Christmas season is not all about us. This is our time as the body Christ to look for ways we can help other people! Here at The Rock Church, we have a ton of opportunities for you to serve others. By visiting here you can find ways to love someone to life this season.

3. Celebrate Christmas with Girls Night Out!

Every year we kick off the season with Christmas Girls Night Out!
This is a night where thousands of women gather together for music, acting, dancing, and shopping- where you can buy the perfect gift for the ones you love! Don’t waste another moment buy your GNO ticket here. Don’t let the Christmas season pass you up, let’s get into the Christmas spirit.


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