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“The Sex Talk” with your kids - Part 1

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“The Sex Talk” with your kids - Part 1

Richard Villanueva January 21, 2018 Youth

Hey there Parents,

The Rock Youth is preparing to start our Sex, Dating, and Love series called “Love Stories” this February on Wednesdays! We can’t wait to dive into teaching what the word of God has to say about these oftentimes challenging (and awkward) subjects.  Truth be told, though, the conversation needs to start at home! We wanted to equip you with the right information, so a little while ago, we have a chance to speak with a licensed Christian counselor, family therapist, and our Rock Church firmed, Danisa Suarez about the subject of parents and “The Talk.”

We hope it’s a help to you as you engage your child about the important subject of godly relationships and dating!  Let us know your thought by sending us an email to if you have questions and want more information or follow us on our social media to keep up with youth events, happenings, and more parent resources!

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