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The Safety Team with Paul Leshko

Aaron Espinoza August 15, 2017 General

I look back to my life in 1995 and there has been such a drastic change from 22 years ago. It’s a great feeling to help people and to know you’re pleasing God because, in the end, it’s all God’s work.

It was through his wife Juli that Paul Leshko came to The Rock Church in 1995. She had been invited by a friend several months before. Paul began to notice his wife growing spiritually and knew he needed to be apart of it. On a Wednesday night, his third visit to The Rock, Pastor Deborah was preaching.  When she gave the altar call, “I knew I had to go up,” that was the night Paul got saved. He says, “I finally felt like I had a place, like I fit in at The Rock.”

His desire to serve God drove him to get involved. Wherever there was a need Paul was willing to go, and he did. After serving in the youth ministry for more than two years Paul had to walk away due to a conflicting work schedule. He came back with the hopes of returning to his old post, but God had other plans for him. The position he once held in the youth ministry had been filled. There was a need for volunteers in the Usher Ministry and he was happy to fill it.

I asked Paul why he continues to usher for so many years and he responded, “I enjoy being one of the first people you see coming into the sanctuary.” Being one of the first people that an attendee sees is important, it sets a precedence. ‘If you come to church and the greeter is welcoming and the usher is helpful while they direct you to a great seat, it sets a tone. It gets the heart right for worship, I know the worship and the word will keep them here but they have to be ready to receive it. Some people are easily offended or may find a reason not to come, but I know what the word can do for them and I don’t want them to have any reason not to hear it.”

As director of Operations, Paul Leshko is a man that wears many different hats including Men’s Ministry, Parking Lot Ministry & Usher’s Ministry. One very important part of Paul’s job is that he is responsible for the safety at the The Rock, including its members, staff, and attendees. This is not a small task. It requires many qualified staff members and volunteers. Given the seriousness of the church’s overall safety, all staff and volunteers are subject to background checks. Those applying to the safety ministry are to preferably come from a law enforcement, military or comparable background.

The Safety Ministry works every service. They cover the entire property making their presence known and available to all those who come to The Rock. They are dedicated men and women of God, many of which are retired or current law enforcement and military. They have formed a camaraderie, a bond of brothers who have had similar experiences and possess a common background. The Safety Ministry is always looking for volunteers with the necessary
backgrounds and a heart to serve the Lord.

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