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The Rock Youth Wants to Hear From You!

Pastor Richard Villanueva August 12, 2016 GeneralYouth


I’d like to invite you, as a parent of middle or high school-aged children, out to have a conversation this Sunday night (August 14th at 6PM in Bible College Room 103) to talk about our Youth Ministry at The Rock. Our goal is to help you find out what we are currently doing to provide ministry to your child, to give you some insight on why we do what we do, and really to open a conversation on what your needs and desires are as a person our ministry aims to serve. We want to answer your questions, hear some ideas, and see if there are ways we can improve our ministry.

Simply put, The Rock Youth is meant to partner with parents, and we want to see how we can best do that.  With August in full swing, we figured the new school year would be a solid time to start the conversation going.  This is especially true for those who are new to our youth ministry and have brand new 7th grade students in our services!  Parents of all our youth students are welcome to come, but our new Youth Parents are especially invited out.

If you can’t make it out this Sunday, you can still participate! Of course, I’d love to see you come out, but I know that’s not always a possibility.  We will be passing out this survey to get some feedback from our parents on Sunday, so if you fill it out here  online, your voice can still be heard and I’d still like to connect with you afterwards.  We’re planning on recording our talk as well, so check back and if all goes well, we will post the audio recording here early the following week.

Thanks for your prayers, support, and for being a caring parent to your child. You guys are the ones doing the heavy lifting, we’re just here supporting your hands while you do it.

See you Sunday,

Richard Villanueva
Youth Pastor – The Rock Church

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