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The Proper Order of Things

Dan Roth June 13, 2017 General

“I had some prayer and Bible study time and then went down for breakfast.”
If only every day could start this way. In a perfect world we would be able to set our life in order and have the right priorities in their place.

The reality is that our spouse may have been up earlier than we were and has something on their mind to tell us when we wake up. Or we woke up late and our prayers are said in the shower. Sound familiar yet?

Life happens at a rate that we have to fight for our priorities.

We have to know what is important and keep it at the forefront of our lives. Not only does life happen but the devil doesn’t want us to keep our priorities either. That fact makes it all the more important to stay after our prayers and studies.

Fight the good fight. Keep the faith and finish your race.

How do you keep a regular prayer and study time? How do you fight against the distractions that war against your time with God?

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