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The Night I Came to The Rock, I Had Smoked Nine Blunts

Cynthia Clifford November 12, 2016 Stories

Karran, high on drugs, came to church, sat on the second row and heard God speak to her for the first time.

“I heard God say Karran, it’s time. I never knew God could speak to me.”

Karran was absolutely ready for change, she gave her life to Christ, and put the drugs down and refused to look back. Giving up this lifestyle meant that she had nowhere to return back to. She confided this to Pastor Deborah, who was able to help her get into the church house.

“I was broken, I used to cry all the time. Miss Kristen pushed me to figure all this out. She helped me submit resumes, find a job, and go to work. I was able to build my self esteem back up and go into the world again.”

During the time of Karran pulling her life back together, her daughter had gone off the deep end.
Karran’s daughter was on drugs, stealing, and missing.
Karran found her daughter one day, drugged, on the steps outside of church. After Karran prayed and ministered to her, Karran’s daughter quit drugs and began parenting her seven children.

“Jesus saved us. He saved my family. He restored my grandchildren to their mother. No one believed this was ever going to happen.”

Karran is now in bible college, serves in ministry, and makes it her goal to reach those that are impacted by drugs.

This is Karrans story.

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