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Talking Snakes

Dan Roth October 2, 2017 General

“We saw the need to train our people more, and get the Word and discipleship into their hearts”

This comment came after seeing the spirit of Halloween expressed in some our church members. There is nothing wrong with dressing up the kids (or yourself if you’re into that) and getting candy. We have no problem with having fun or even with decorations. Where we have to question is the expression of those things.

What would cause one of the children of the Light to want to look like the darkness? Why would someone with the resurrected Christ living in them want to decorate their house or their body like the dead? We were brought out of that kingdom into the Kingdom of Light. Our expressions should be from that place of life and light.

Again, there is nothing wrong with dressing in costumes or having candy or decorating. All three of our children dress up each year and get candy. We also have pumpkins and fall colors around the house. But with all of these things, we talk to our children about life and death. We tell them about spiritual realities. We also encourage them to go away from where the current of society is and to stand for the things of God.

Many people who attend church and who love Jesus don’t even realize how much the world influences them. They slip into the patterns of society without a second thought. We were taken out of darkness so we should live in the light we have. As a pastor, it is my goal to get the Word of God into people’s hearts so that they can have the light to see from it. All throughout the Bible, you see the Word described as light. Jesus is our light. The Word is a light to our feet and a lamp to our path. The entrance of God’s word brings light.

I find it interesting though that the devil is always trying to hide that light. He is a liar though. We need to realize that when there is a snake talking to us we are listening to the wrong voice. It didn’t turn out well for Eve and it won’t turn out well for us. When the devil comes like a slippery snake and tells us that everything is okay and we don’t need God’s standards or His word in our lives the only way to combat Him is through the Word of God. Even Jesus, when He was tempted by Satan, spoke the scriptures. The more we speak the more light we bring. And the darkness cannot overtake the light.

Let’s shine the light on a dark night. Don’t hide your light under a basket that looks like the world around you. Put your light on a lampstand so all can see it’s light. Speak the Word! Teach your children the Word. Tell others about Jesus. And if you’re heading out to get some candy…be safe and have fun!

What are some ways to shine the light on Halloween? How can we teach our children the right expressions on Halloween?


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