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Rosarito Shall be Saved

Meagan Nutt June 11, 2015 Missions

Last week a team of 15 youth and young adults had the privilege to minister to the people of Rosarito, Mexico. During this time they performed skits, did street ministry, painted a church, visited children in an orphanage, helped out with a huge community event, and ministered at local churches.


Thursday night was their first day of street ministry and performing skits. The team pushed themselves out of their comfort zones as Eduardo, one of the main contacts in Rosarito, asked the team to go house to house inviting people to their performance down the street and to the large event that was happening on Saturday. God was moving in that neighborhood, and several people agreed to have the team pray for them and to come to the event. Shortly after al l the homes had been personally invited, the skits began.

Two powerful skits were performed that confronted the ideas of being stuck to your sin, and being distracted by worldly things. Juan Cornejo and Maureen Ardilla shared their testimonies and truly touched the hearts of every person there. Mark Polo delivered an altar call just like we do each service at The Rock, and gave people the opportunity to start living for God right then and there. Almost 20 people responded and prayed for Jesus to be Lord of their lives that evening. Before leaving the floor was opened for prayer. As the team divided and began to lay hands of the individuals asking for prayer, His presence filled the atmosphere and tears began to fall. Not everyone on the team spoke Spanish, but even as they prayed in a language the people didn’t understand, tears ran down their face because in God’s Kingdom there are no language barriers. God knows every person’s situation and He was healing hearts, restoring relationships, and claiming souls for His Kingdom.


Friday the team had the privilege to paint a church building inside and out that hadn’t been painted in over eight years.  It was a big project to take on for the afternoon, but the results were amazing. The church looked like it was new again, and the pastors were extremely thankful. The team was able to bless the church with the supplies so future touch ups could be made. Although it’s understood that the people are the church, and not the building, the morale levels of the pastors were brought up as the smiled and gazed at their new-looking church!

Later that day team visited an orphanage. Many of the children there do have parents, but most of them are in jail or too intoxicated to take care of them. This orphanage doesn’t turn away a single child. Even when it seems as if there is no more room, they know God will make a way and remain flexible. Although their time there was short, the team was able to perform two skits, paint faces, hand out bubbles and toys, and simply share with them that Jesus loves them.

Before the sun set on the city the team was off one more time to do more street ministry and invite people to the big event on Saturday called, “Echo Fest.” Eduardo took the team through a neighborhood to go door to door inviting people, and offering them prayer. This neighborhood however didn’t have your average homes. These homes were built from scratch, built out of whatever material they could find; tires, cardboard, tree branches, car parts, scrap metal. Seemingly there was no plumbing, electricity, or other basics that most of us don’t go without.
The team took the time to meet each person, hear what they had to say, and pray with them. The most beautiful thing of all was that each prayer request wasn’t about them or improving their situation, it was for others. The team prayed for family members, for healing and for miracles. There was even a believer in the neighborhood whose prayer was for her city, and for God’s light to shine on Rosarito.


Saturday was the Echo Fest. The youth and young adult team met with an amazing group from Iglesia La Roca to help do this large outreach at a local park. At the event there was face painting, balloon animals, games, prizes, goody baskets raffled off and so much more. Eduardo and his family put on a wildly entertaining clown act, there was energetic worship, the team performed their skits, and people got to sit back and enjoy their free hot dog lunch!

Throughout the event there was a prayer tent open, and it was packed the entire time! The people in that city are open to what God has for them, and our church had an amazing opportunity to stand in faith with them. Toward the end of the event Pastor Paul gave an altar call. People felt God’s love in that place and responded to His call. At the end of the event families walked away with a bag full of groceries to take home! The team was blessed to be a part of such an amazing day, and help open doors for those whose ministry is in Rosarito full time.


Sunday the team split in two to visit and minister at two local churches. One half went to the church that belonged to the wonderful pastors who provided a place for the team to stay during their time in Rosarito, and the other half went back to the church they had painted. It was a wonderful experience to see the churches on fire for God. They may not have been very large, but it was evident that the pastors poured their all into their people. Their love for God was contagious, and their big faith was inspiring. The team’s time there ended as it began, in prayer. They prayed for the pastors and the people in the church, and the church prayed for them.

Over all, it was an impactful time serving His people for the advancement of His kingdom. The team could feel all of your prayers, and it was much appreciated! Lives were changes, hearts were touched, chains were broken, and you Rock Church were a part of it!

Trip Stats

  • 56 people from The Rock Church
  • 30+ individuals accepted Jesus in their hearts
  • 300+ people prayed for
  • 400 hot dog meals given away
  • 250 bags of groceries given away to families
  • 1 church painted

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