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Dan Roth March 27, 2017 GeneralPastors

I didn’t do much today but it somehow turned out to be a productive day.

When I look back on last year I see that there were days I did a lot and got nothing done. There were also days like this one from last year that even though I didn’t do a lot, it was productive.

It really comes down to defining what is important. If there is one thing that is important on your list of things to do in any certain day and you get so busy you never get to that one thing then you have been unproductive. But if you only got to that one thing and everything else was left undone then you have been very productive. Activity and busyness don’t always equate to productivity.

I remember when I first became a pastor and would be getting ready for a church service I would feel guilty for taking time to pray and study. Now I look at that and wish I could shout back in time from more than ten years later and speak some sense into myself. The number one thing a pastor should be doing when it comes to a church service is connect with and hear from God what His desire is for the service. Then from that place the study and the preparations for the service can be made. But I realize now that I didn’t understand that these essential elements of my job weren’t unproductive just because they weren’t busy with activity.

If you want to be more productive then focus on what you really want to get done give your effort and energy to that. You will be happy you did!

How do you stay focused on the priorities of the day? How else can we be more productive?

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