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Pastor Jessica Roth on the Inland Empire

Cynthia Clifford July 20, 2017 GeneralWomen Rock

Okay, ladies let’s get real…

The statistics around us are crazy! Turning on the news is a battle in itself. The world is overwhelmingly dark and humanity is being lied to and these people hurting around us don’t have an idea of what true Love actually is.
We have a people selling themselves short of Gods best. But ladies we have the answer- we are the body of Christ, the wells of salvation that can and will trickle into the hearts of people around us. In the neighborhoods, schools, communities, and nations!

It’s up to us to penetrate the hearts of the people around us with hope and love.

The devil has stolen and robbed what was not his! Taking away the fathers and mothers of the homes leaving children raising themselves. Our society is just surviving and that was never Gods plan.  But you see we have sin in this world, we are sinful people, and there was a big fall, but there is a humongous God.

When we find out who we are in Christ, stand a little firmer, and tell Satan, “Hell no, we are going to take back this land. You won’t take this territory because we carry the power of Jesus.” Then there is no more room for sulking about the world around us, talking about how hopeless the Inland Empire is.If people can just get what God has for them, then they can be who God is calling them to be.

We are here to rebuild the ruins, we are taking back our ground, this is His land. Swords and shields out ladies, it’s time to equip and answer the call to what God is calling us to!


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