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Make Him Known in all the Word! Peru Mission Trip Recap

Cynthia Clifford June 11, 2016 GeneralMissions

“…And then He told them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.’” Mark 16:15

A group of twenty-one went out for nine days into Peru to be the hands and feet, and to demonstrate to the people the love Jesus has for them. Those nine short days were jam-packed with work for the Kingdom!

Day 1-4 Lima, Peru




The team started out in the city of Lima building wheelchairs and delivering them to those in need.
Not only did these families get wheelchairs but the team went grocery shopping to provide for these families and others in these neighborhoods with necessities such as; toilet paper, tooth brushes, milk, diapers, baby food, water, rice, and so much more- filling up over 5 baskets of groceries.

All of the families that received were brought to tears and reminded that there is a God who is passionately in love with them and cares about their every need. Numerous people received Jesus Christ into their life after this gesture of love was made in these neighborhoods.
One specific lady that the team gave a wheelchair and groceries to gave her life to Jesus and said, “I never thought I would receive Jesus this way.”

Those that were affected were all astounded by the kindness and generosity the team was able to show them, the reflection of Jesus’ love for them.




The Peru team also had the privilege of cleaning and painting a massive soup kitchen that feeds the people of the city that do not have enough resources to eat on their own.
They scrubbed and scrapped the walls and the floors and after put a fresh layer of paint on. The members of the soup kitchen were overjoyed and showed much gratitude to the team for serving their needs.




Day 5-9 Tarapoto, Peru





The group left Lima to fly into the jungle of Tarapoto to continue their journey of servitude to bring glory to God.
Our Spanish Ministry pastor, Pastor Paul brought a powerful word to the church in Tarapoto, Misión Cristina Esmirna, multiple nights while also doing a leadership training with them as they continue expanding.
While our Young Adults pastor, Pastor Joe ministered to the youth in the church. Our team was able to coach and help the church establish a new Outreach Ministry, as some members of their church went to do outreaches with the team the following days.
The team was also able to pray with all the people of the congregation during a service and the Holy Spirit moved heavily during this time, people were getting healed and restored as our team prayed and spoke life into them.
It was flooded with tears and full hearts.




There was a local plaza in Tarapoto and the team had the chance to preform skits as well as present an altar call, many people accepted Jesus.
After the team went around the plaza praying with people from the city for family circumstances, finances, health, and many other pressing matters.
Restoration was in the air, and lives were changed.




A local private school allowed our team to split into groups and go classroom to classroom sharing testimonies of hope and restoration while giving an altar call, many students responded and participated in prayer and conversation about walking with Jesus. A young boy in the private school, around nine years old, asked to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. He had a life changing encounter with God as he fell to his knees with tears of joy. The members of team were also able to share some hilarious skits for the students and play games with them, and even had an intense dance off. While also getting to pour into their lives on an individual, personal scale.




The university in the jungle was next stop on the team’s journey. The team began asking professors to come in and share a few words with the students. The people of the city and the local church told the team that there was a high chance they would get kicked out of the classrooms and the university once they realized they were talking about Jesus.
This was not the case.
Every class room was positively responsive, including the professors. Desiring to hear more about Jesus, and the goodness He brings.
The team was able to share personal testimonies and pray for students and professors as walls were let down and chains were broken.
A few students who received Jesus at the university came to the church that evening and desired to get plugged in.
The team also had the chance to talk to the Dean of the university and the staff members who ran the university, praying for them and encouraging the work they are doing and desire to do.




The opportunity presented itself to visit a local orphanage. Immediately the children fell in love with the team as they preformed skits for them and gave them an altar call while teaching them about the love of Jesus.
After the presentation, the team painted the kids faces, played soccer with them, and many other games.
Love was spread thick, and the staff of the orphanage expressed how they were running out of diapers, baby food, and how they could not afford school bags for the kids at this time.
Our team quickly went to the market and bought these necessities. Our team was also able to partner with three traveling missionaries that needed help cleaning and sanding down the orphanage rooms.




A Few Words from our Missionaries:

“I think what impacted me the most about being in Peru was that these people were so grateful for what they had and that even though we came to serve them, they served us in return.
It was such a humbling and beautiful experience to see the love and hunger for God that the people had, regardless of their age. Being in Peru and seeing the passion in the people there left an impact on me that I will treasure forever.”

“There is simply too much to say about this trip but if I had to distill it to simple words, they would be… The power of team, of unity, is awesome.
These guys worked together and with all their hearts in everything they did. The power of obedience. God moved in every simple act of obedience with salvation, filling of the Holy Spirit, and people encouraged because they were served in love.
The power of the phrase “we are one body in Christ”.
It does not matter language, color or country, when you are in Christ the sense of family overwhelms everything else.”

“I kept thinking the whole ‘my city my mission’ thing and how that excitement and willingness to go out into streets and tell people about Jesus everywhere is something we can do home.
I know we have so many ministries that do outreach, but I feel like God was saying “imagine if the church began to consider themselves missionaries in their own cities”
It was sort of a challenge to look past the circumstances and the fears and reach people in my city, a city that is not too different than Lima or Tarapoto.”

” I believe Peru birthed so many God dreams within all of us.
There is no doubt that our team was truly doing the work of God. Every second I knew it was Him working through us. Peru was life changing.
God spoke personally to me about love, serving, and joy.

There was some moments where I just felt helpless seeing all the hurt and anguish in the hearts of the people. Instead of breaking, the Holy spirit reminded me of 2 Corinthians 4:17 “ Our suffering is light and temporary and is producing for us an eternal glory that is greater than anything we can imagine.”
Despite all of trouble I saw in Peru, the look in their eyes resembled hope, and their hearts were truly pure and genuine. They were very receptive to receiving Jesus.
They were in unbelief that God would send us to them just to tell them about their Savior and share the gift of Life. Majority of everyone we met received his or her salvation.
Overall, Peru meant giving up ourselves for the good of others, loving people to life, birthing hope, spreading joy, and sharing the gift of eternal life.
If you have the ability, I encourage you to go on a Missions trip and allow God to shine His glory through you. You will feel like a new creation (once again,) and you will be amazed at the way God works through you to transform others. “


With over 200 salvations, 500+ people prayed for, hundreds of dollars of groceries given, multiple wheelchairs made and donated, and so many lives touched and changed Peru was a great success. We are so proud of our team, and we look forward to the new passion they will be bringing back to the Rock. The team could feel all of your prayers, and it was much appreciated. You Rock Church were a part of every moment this team had, thank you!

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