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Beth Sandell March 21, 2018 General

For the last 5 years, Reverend Beth has been working as the director of the Internship Program as well as the Welcome Teams here at The Rock. She and her family are long time members of The Rock Church and World Outreach Center. In fact, two of her sisters are also employees of the church. One of which is our very own Pastor Michelle.

Reverend Beth is one busy woman, she also helps to run Team Missions, weekend Welcome Teams and is one of the leaders for Shift Young Adults Ministry and Women Rock.  Beth graduated from The Rock Internship Program in 2009.

I feel like a lot of times in life people are sleepwalking through their destinies.

“The internship program helped me find who I truly am. The process awakened passions and gifts in me that I never knew I had.” So much so, that after 5 years away at school and traveling, she came back and took over as Director of the Internship Program.

The Rock’s Internship program helps young adults uncover their gifts and passions. We give them the opportunity to discover these gifts in practical applications. Two of which I personally love, graphics and video editing. The team and I, encourage the interns to further their gifts by going to school or seeking a fitting profession. The program teaches them to be leaders, not just for the church but wherever they go.

This Internship also promotes growth in their character. Spiritually, it truly does make them powerful prayer warriors. We, as leaders, help them see that God has a plan for them and he wants them to live that abundant life, that Godly life.

Going beyond a spiritual aspect, the program is designed to teach them life skills such as budgeting and professionalism. Many who sign up for this program were never knew how to manage money. By the time the program ends it our goal to teach them to become a good steward and be financially independent.

I oversee the Interns, and Thursdays are very special to me. That’s the time I get to connect with them, during, what we call “Family Time.” We have discipleship lessons, do devotionals, read books, and spend time together. If someone is struggling we are there to support them. As a leader, I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and allow opportunity to encourage each other. It amazes me to see them rise to the occasion with uplifting words for one another.

I feel like a lot of times, in life, people are sleepwalking through their destinies.

Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you light. — Ephesians 5:14

That’s what this Internship does, it wakes them up to a future that God has for them. Providing them with the tools needed to have success both in heavenly realms as well as on earth. Spreading his light wherever they go.”

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