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Leaders Lead

Dan Roth March 20, 2017 GeneralPastors

Leaders have to lead and often that means thinking for others, giving clear direction and then following up to make sure that they do it. Then along the way you have to deal with personalities. It is not easy.

I smile when I read this thought from last year. As a leader this is what I live every day. First, I have to lead myself. I have to know a clear direction and keep after it. I have to be accountable as a leader and also have to know my personality. I have to know when to say when and when to not make a decision because of my own personality conflicts. Leaders aren’t perfect. We have to have people in our lives who will tell us the truth and who can tell us things that are hard to hear. My wife is great in this area.

Once you have yourself in line then you can start getting others to follow. You have to give them clear direction and follow up with them. Don’t expect people to read your mind or understand your vision after one conversation.

Especially if your vision came from long hours of thought, prayer, study and dreaming. If it took you a long time to get the vision it may take more time for others to get it.

Then comes the personalities. If you can be tactful and diplomatic when it comes to other people’s personalities you can thrive as a leader. Many times conflicts don’t come from problems in operation or finance. Most of the time I find that the conflict comes from personalities. Managing personalities requires care and sincere love. People want to know that you are sincere and really care about their problem.

I finished my thought from last year by saying it is not easy. It really isn’t…but it is rewarding. If you can lead yourself and lead others effectively then when the vision is accomplished everyone wins together. The reward is unity and productivity.

How do you lead yourself? How do you handle others personalities with love?

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