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Fort Couch

Dan Roth May 17, 2017 General

“I got home and my mom and the kids had built a fort in the living room with the couch cushions.”

Do you have memories of building couch cushion forts as a kid? I remember building tents, forts, cities and even a summer camp in our living room. Who needed fancy toys when you had building blocks as big as you were?! My brother and I would often play for hours with the simplest of items; a stick, a ball, dirt clods, a shovel. One item and a whole lot of imagination was all we needed for an afternoon of fun.

I get sad when I see so many kids today staring at a screen. No matter if it is a small one or a large one I can almost feel the brain of that child slowly melting into a puddle of dead cells.

Thankfully there is still air, sunshine, sticks, balls, and dirt clods on the earth today. With my kids I will see them with my phone or watching television and after a little while I am kicking them outside. Yes they protest but after a little while their brains turn back on and they get a revelation of how fun it can be to imagine and play.

I guess in some ways I am still just a big kid because I am usually the one who wants to get outside and have my architectural design in a lot of the couch cushion forts.

Where did your imagination take you as a child? How can we get our children more creative and imaginative?

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