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Children’s Summer Camp Recap

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Children’s Summer Camp Recap

Armando Flores August 10, 2014 Childrens

This years summer camp trip was more than just your three day two night excursion, it was an opportunity for God to show us how much we are on His heart. Our theme for this moment was MINDcraft… Renewing your mind.. Not conforming to this world… And possessing the ability to prove what is good. Our scripture emphasis came from Romans 12:2. We put a clever twist to an 8-bit sensation where you are given space, materials, and the ability to create anything your mind can fathom known to your children as Minecraft.

What could we do to make this memorable? Or exciting? Every time your kids looked at this game we wanted them to be reminded of a teaching, a scripture, or an illustration that pointed them towards God. We broke them up into groups, regions in the game called “Biomes”. Grassland, Snow, Desert, Jungle, along with the leadership known as the Village. We saw this become an avenue where even the most unlikely of sorts became friends. New relationships were birthed. We believe that the greatest friend a child can have is one they’ve met at church. Boy, your kids not only became friends, but banded together for competitive play.

Now as a leader of kids, I know this can become a two edged sword. Kids love to win but there are always those who hate to lose. At camp, we saw children encourage one another, build each other up, even applaud for the last place position. Sure ... we had a first thru fourth ranking system, where kids were awarded a button that represented that place. Elements called Diamond, Emerald, Gold, and Silver. Four of the most precious items in the game, items you must posses in order to build or create. The children were taught that as precious as those are to the User of the game, so are we precious to our Heavenly Father. We are important to God, his creation set apart to do his will, by having a renewed mind and not conforming to this world.

It rained, no…. it poured. We got wet, and loved it. We heard the loudest sounds of thunder, echoing off the mountain sides, and fear was under our feet. We used plans A, B, and C. Had lots of visitors… bears, spiders, and mice. Nothing, I repeat nothing distracted us from getting into the presence of God. Kids made commitments to Christ! Kids were baptized with the Holy Spirit, spoke in the their heavenly language! Kids laid hands on other kids, praying God’s perfect will for one another!! It was an amazing experience. One that we know has left a lasting impression on the lives of those that attended, Leaders and Campers. Thank you Rock Church family for another successful Children’s Summer Camp, we look forward to next year!

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