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Ukraine made us bring in the snake guy, we know it’s a God-Thing

Michelle Villanueva February 23, 2015 Youth

Ukraine is a little crazy right now, I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines. Pastor Zhenya Kasevich was on point to come and preach to everyone at YoCon15 up until a couple weeks ago when he got stuck in Ukraine, unable to get his Visa approved! Don’t worry he’s safe but any prayers would be appreciated.

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I can’t believe they do this in church…

Michelle Villanueva February 22, 2015 Youth

Dancing. Dancing, dancing and dancing. We like to dance and we’re not all “Footloose”! Dancing in church is not a crime! Go ahead and search it on your Bible app, God digs it. The kick off night at YoCon15 Friday, February 27th will be electric. Powerhouse worship, connecting to God, and dynamite-life-changing Word from Chad Daniel. Then what? We can’t just go home! We can’t! And you can’t make us! So what do we do? We dance!

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The Motive Behind our Pricing

Michelle Villanueva February 14, 2015 Youth

We’re coming clean. We have a hidden motive about the pricing this year at YoCon15. It’s true, we can’t hide it any longer. So we’re just going to tell you. Here it is. Sit down. Hold your iPhone or iPad with two hands. Our hidden motive is this…because we want you to bring a friend!

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5 Reasons We Know You’ll Love Youth Conference

Rock Media Dept February 10, 2015 Youth

Youth Conference 2015 it going to be amazing! We’re going to have a great time getting into God’s word, worshiping Him, dancing, playing games, getting free stuff! Don’t let any of your friends miss out! Invite them, carpool down here, and get ready to have your mind blown with all the awesome things going on at Youth Conference! Here’s 5 reasons you’re going to love Youth Conference: The Refreshing

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