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Looking Back on YoCon16

Richard Villanueva February 1, 2016 Youth

We just had our biggest youth event in Rock Church History! 1500 teens flooded our sanctuary to worship Jesus. Over 350 young people flooded the altars to give their heart to Jesus. Ray, a church member that helped volunteer that Friday, shared with me on Sunday how impactful the message was telling me, “I know if was meant for the teens, but God spoke to me that night!”

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Why I Don’t Believe In Having “The Talk” With Your Teen

Richard Villanueva April 17, 2015 Youth

This month, we are talking about relationships, sex, love and what God’s Word says about the subject with our teens at therockyouth (link to rock youth?).  There are times when parents approach me telling me that they’re really happy we’re discussing it because it’s so difficult, awkward, or challenging to have “the talk” about s-e-x with their teenager!  Admitting that our kids are growing up is tough, and this subject can be especially intimidating to bring up with our own kids.

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YoCon15 Re-Cap

Richard Villanueva March 20, 2015 Youth

YoCon, our recent youth conference was a major hit - we had 1,500 people out on our free Friday evening Session. Teens flooded the altar, praised God and His presence was heavy in the place. We had two goals in mind - have fun and experience God’s presence. The weekend was filled with dance, drama, the Word, and plenty of food!

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You could take home Tony Hawks signature

Michelle Villanueva February 25, 2015 Youth

Really! Tony Hawk and other skateboard legends signed two skateboard decks and you could take them home at YoCon15!

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