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A Living Flame

Cynthia Clifford July 6, 2017 GeneralWomen Rock

A life with one purpose, to share the miracle of Jesus with the world.

At the age of 42, Marilyn Hickey responded to God’s call on her life to ‘cover the earth with His Word’ (Isaiah 11:9). The natural inclination to reach out, to celebrate people and culture, were traceable in Marilyn’s formative years; yet she had no idea how God would send her around the globe teaching the Bible and building bridges with people of all cultures and religious backgrounds, especially in the Muslim world.


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Brighter Side to Life

Jessica Roth May 30, 2017 GeneralPastorsWomen Rock

Seeing life in a positive way seems harder than it sounds.  We seem to gravitate to the negative and automatically see things in the perspective of defeat or discouragement.  Life likes to give us just enough slack to keep us from falling off a cliff.
I do believe we have to work at seeing things on the brighter side. 

I’m a mom of 3 kids and all of them bring so much love and joy. Our 3rd child Titus taught me joy in a new way.  When he was in the belly we thought for sure he was a girl and we were going to call him Mia Joy translated: my joy. Well he came out a boy so that put us in a new path to naming him, Titus which means “strength.” I do believe all that time saying Mia Joy was a word for him. He came out smiling and the nurses said he was delivered sunny side up. He was born on Easter Sunday; and life always comes from death. Jesus rose on that special day and Titus was born all these decades later. He is our child who just loves life is so joyful majority of the time. He is the funniest kid and sees life on the positive side of the spectrum.

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10 Things that Impacted Us this Past Easter and 10 Questions to Ask Ourselves as a Result…

Sue Bryan April 25, 2017 Women Rock

We asked some of our leaders involved with Women’s Ministry what they took away from Easter and the Passion week messages, and here were their responses. We encourage you to do some of your own reflections with the questions we ask after each thought.

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Who Am I?

Sue Bryan March 29, 2017 Women Rock

In this recent series called, Identity Crisis, we looked at all the roles in which we find our identity and what can happen when these roles change throughout different seasons of our lives. We can become insecure, feel rejected or look to unstable things to once again establish who we are. Pastor Jess started the series by taking us back to the Garden to find out who we are and how God designed us to be… Look at some thoughts from the series and please share with us in the comment at the end your thoughts!

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