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Keeping Your Sanity This Summer with Kids

Michelle Villanueva June 28, 2018 Women Rock

Hey moms, we get you

Sure, you’re excited to be with the kiddos for the summer. You’d like nothing more than to kiss their sweet little faces 24 hours a day but after one movie, one craft gone bad, a messy playroom in 2.5 minutes, three fights and two snacks by only 10:07am it can be a little exhausting!

Here are some tips to keep your summer fun and still be “happy mommy” with a happy budget.

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Pastor Sue’s Top Ten Christmas Girls Night Out Memories

Sue Byran December 5, 2017 GeneralWomen Rock

Here are my top ten Christmas GNO memories from over the years. I can’t believe we have had 25 years of Girls Night Out!

In the late ‘90’s– we did a Christmas Tea where Mrs. Snafflebuster taught little Snafflebuster’s in training proper etiquette (we were really trying to help some ladies without being too obvious & when we laugh, we learn, right?)

In 2006 I was asked, along with another staff member to do the first GNO, to be over the Party Under the Stars. For those first ones we really wanted the “wow” factor, so we would partially decorate, then during the service, we would put the last layer on, so that when the ladies came out, it would be like “wow, what happened?” Pastor Dan had a crew of Shift guys that brought out about 20 white, glittered styrofoam Christmas trees to the outer foyer and dropped 2 big canvas paintings of snowy forests and we had an instant “snowy forest” look. All of the Expo and party was contained within the inner and outer foyers! We did Demos at either end of the inner foyer. Our gift that year was popcorn balls in a Christmas mug—Ask Rev. Theresa how many hours and ladies that took!!


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Three Ways For You To Get Into The Christmas Spirit!

Beth Sandell November 29, 2017 GeneralWomen Rock

Alright, ladies! It is that time of the year, it is Christmas time!

I have three ways for you to get into the Christmas spirit:

1: Get together with friends or family!

You could go and look at Christmas lights together because we have plenty of local places to go to! We have The Mission Inn in Riverside, Thoroughbred in Rancho Cucamonga or Manchester St. in Yucaipa. Or maybe you just want to gather over some Christmas cocoa or hot coffee. You can even host a Christmas cookie decorating party!

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Keep Your Sanity This Holiday Season With The Family!

Dr. Vanessa Reynolds November 21, 2017 GeneralWomen Rock

Here are some quick tips how to get through the holidays with a smile and your sanity while seeing “those” family members.

My first tip is to shine your Light and smile!

Matthew 5:15 says,

“ Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

You’re not doing it for them you’re doing it to give God glory!

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