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A Father’s Love

Cynthia Clifford July 8, 2016 GeneralStories

Armando grew up as a young child deeply desiring his dad’s affection and attention. He would tag along with him to his shop and do whatever it took to spend quality time with him.

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The Search for Something More

Cynthia Clifford May 21, 2016 Stories

Joe grew up eating, sleeping, and breathing music. When he was only seventeen years old he got offered an opportunity to tour with a band. The band began making it big, recording CD’s, traveling to different countries, and even aired on national television. It seemed like a dream come true.

This is Joe’s story

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How Vanessa found God faithful, even when she felt alone

Cynthia Clifford May 7, 2016 Stories

This is Vanessa’s story of how she overcame feeling alone and found herself accepted and loved by God.

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