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The Night I Came to The Rock, I Had Smoked Nine Blunts

Admin Account November 12, 2016 Stories

Karran, high on drugs, came to church, sat on the second row and heard God speak to her for the first time.

“I heard God say, Karran it’s time. I never knew God could speak to me.”

Karran was absolutely ready for change, she gave her life to Christ, and put the drugs down and refused to look back. She had nowhere to return home. She confided this to Pastor Deborah, who was able to help her get into the church house.

“I was broken, I used to cry all the time. Miss Kristen pushed me to figure all this out. She helped me submit resumes, find a job, and go to work. I was able to build my self esteem back up and go into the world again.”

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“After Twelve Years, God Healed Me”

Admin Account November 4, 2016 Stories

Tammy has been attending The Rock for 24 years and volunteers in the after-service prayer team.

About 12 years ago Tammy started experiencing excruciating pain all throughout her body. The doctors were unable to explain the cause or give a solution for the pain. She began seeing a chiropractor and they showed her a X-Ray of a 80 year old’s deteriorating bones in comparison to hers, and she was in even worse shape than the 80 year old in the picture. The pain would get so severe she would struggle to do simple tasks such as tying her shoes.

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“The Doctor Said I Should Have Been Dead”

Admin Account August 5, 2016 GeneralStories

Tony was doing yard work in his backyard and he noticed there was a big piece of broken concrete that rolled down the hill behind his fence. He looked around but couldn’t find anyone to help him, so he decided to move the concrete slab by himself. Although it was extremely heavy, Tony forced himself to carry it to his truck so he could dispose of it.

“I was just relieved that I was able to get rid of it, not knowing I had done damage to myself.”

The next day Tony started to get severe sinus headaches. His neck swelled up, and began having bad pains throughout his body.

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How a gang leader found a new beginning

Cynthia Clifford August 1, 2016 GeneralStories

Ruben grew up believing that his destiny was written in stone. Raised around the street life, while his dad was involved in a gang, Ruben couldn’t wait to follow in his fathers footsteps. He chose to thrive on anger and hate to harden his heart as he made his way to the head position of his gang.

At the time a girl Ruben was dating invited him to go to church. He felt like if he went he would be doing his part and keeping a good relationship with God.

“I didn’t want to change my life… but after months of going to church, listening to the Word people were starting to talk saying that I was getting soft and in reality that’s exactly what it was. Hearing His word was starting to soften my crazy hard heart.”

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