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Leaders Lead

Dan Roth March 20, 2017 GeneralPastors

Leaders have to lead and often that means thinking for others, giving clear direction and then following up to make sure that they do it. Then along the way you have to deal with personalities. It is not easy.

I smile when I read this thought from last year. As a leader this is what I live every day. First, I have to lead myself. I have to know a clear direction and keep after it. I have to be accountable as a leader and also have to know my personality. I have to know when to say when and when to not make a decision because of my own personality conflicts. Leaders aren’t perfect. We have to have people in our lives who will tell us the truth and who can tell us things that are hard to hear. My wife is great in this area.

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Doing Life Tired

Dan Roth March 14, 2017 GeneralPastors

I finally got back to my bed at 3 am.

The life of a parent is a tired one. Sleep is a memory. We just do life tired.

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The Quality of Light

Dan Roth March 6, 2017 GeneralPastors

There were a couple of discouraging events this morning though neither overshadowed the day. Thankfully light shines in the dark.

It is the nature of light to shine. It takes on a greater quality in contrast with dark. If we only had good days we wouldn’t appreciate the warmth and character of light as we do in adversity.

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