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Your Children’s Safety and Security

Mike Bryan December 19, 2017 Childrens

Dear Parents,

We are so blessed to be a part of ministering the Word of God to your children!  It is indeed a joy to see how they light up when they come into our classrooms, so eager to learn what God has for them! To make our time together more safe and secure, I need to remind you of one of our policies for the Children’s Ministry:

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Children’s Summer Camp Recap

Armando Flores August 10, 2014 Childrens

This years summer camp trip was more than just your three day two night excursion, it was an opportunity for God to show us how much we are on His heart. Our theme for this moment was MINDcraft... Renewing your mind.. Not conforming to this world… And possessing the ability to prove what is good. Our scripture emphasis came from Romans 12:2. We put a clever twist to an 8-bit sensation where you are given space, materials, and the ability to create anything your mind can fathom known to your children as Minecraft.

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Understanding Authority

Sue Bryan May 21, 2014 Childrens

Recently I viewed a video on my Facebook newsfeed of a little 3 year old arguing with his mother. Over two million people had viewed it and several of us laughed as we watched him arguing with his mother, calling her “Linda” like he was on an adult level of negotiating.  As I watched and laughed I immediately thought, how sad, he really thinks he is on the same level of rational reasoning as his mother.  She even said, “I’m the mom.”

Having ministered to children for about 40 years, I can say that a very basic understanding of authority in a child’s life must be clear.  Children develop insecurities when they are allowed to negotiate their rules and consequences as if they, in their long two or three years on the planet, know what they need.

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The Origin of Sunday School

Mike Bryan February 27, 2014 Childrens

Because we are so used to hearing the term,“Sunday School,” it’s easy to think it has been a part of the church since the Book of Acts.  However, I don’t remember ever reading about how Paul and Silas began a Puppet Ministry in Ephesus, or how Peter prepared crafts to help teach a lesson on Jonah being swallowed by a whale.

Nope, if you haven’t thought about it, the whole idea of Sunday School was something that generated out of a need to educate children not so long ago.

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