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Bus Ministry Interview with Jacob Webb

Cynthia Clifford July 17, 2017 General

Jacob has been serving at The Rock for 14 years. He worked in maintenance for 12 of them and has spent the last 2 years in charge of the bus ministry.

The ministry provides transportation to many who would otherwise not have the ability to come to church. Jacob talks about the joy of bringing people to a place where God’s word is preached; a place where those in need can get food and clothing can get those needs met; and a place where they can be spiritually filled. “When I drop the people back home after church it’s like dropping off little pockets of light throughout the Inland Empire,” he says.

The Rock Bus Ministry accommodates all of San Bernardino and its surrounding areas, traveling throughout the city, picking up people from all walks of life. They hit all the highways and byways compelling them to come and providing a way to all those who want to come to church. Leaving NO room for excuses. The ministry caters to the sick, the disabled, those without transportation, and large families whose vehicle may not be big enough to accommodate them. The Rock buses travel to women’s shelters, halfway houses and rehabilitation centers as well.

With the help of dedicated volunteers as many as 100 people are picked up and dropped off on any given Sunday.

The team of volunteers work as bus drivers and ride hosts. Those working within the ministry are always welcoming and warm with the bus riders. Jacob talks about the volunteers with great admiration.“They are always willing and happy to help, donating their time after they have already worked a full week. The volunteers are incredible! They come in early and stay late without complaint.”

The bus ministry runs three days a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays and is fully committed to serving the Inland Empire.

It’s a pleasure to pick people up,” exclaims Jacob. “I feel like they are Jesus’ sheep and to give them a ride could never be a burden but only an honor.

If you would like more information about how you can get involved with the Bus Ministry:

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