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“After Twelve Years, God Healed Me”

Cynthia Clifford November 4, 2016 Stories

Tammy has been attending The Rock for 24 years and volunteers in the after-service prayer team.

About 12 years ago Tammy started experiencing excruciating pain all throughout her body. The doctors were unable to explain the cause or give a solution for the pain. She began seeing a chiropractor where they showed her an X-Ray of a 80 year old’s deteriorating bones. Tammy’s bones were in worse shape than the 80 year old in the X-Ray. The pain would get so severe she would struggle to do simple tasks such as tying her shoes.

One evening after a Wednesday night service she decided to go up and ask for prayer.

I remember saying to God, “If I can just have one thing, it would be that You would pour Your healing all over me.”

The prayer team began prayer and laying hands on Tammy and she felt heat travel through the top of her body. She began believing that she was healed after that night even though the pain continued. Two days later, while riding her horse, she stared to feel the pain leave.

“I felt like I was fourteen riding my horse, the world was big, bright, and beautiful again. The Lord’s presence was so heavy and He told me He was healing and lifting this off of me.”

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