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Redefining the Silence

Richard Villanueva April 12, 2017 General


That’s one word that describes well a specific Saturday morning, some 2,000 years ago. What does it feel like the day after your entire world falls apart? Or the morning that follows the most emotionally confusing moments of life? Added to this pressure is what can seem like a shattering silence from Heaven. We can think, “Surely God knows what happened! Why isn’t He saying anything? Doesn’t He already know my prayers?”

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Some Good Advice

Dan Roth April 4, 2017 General

I told him to stay humble, stay teachable, forgive quickly and apologize quickly. It is good advice for all of us.

There are times I know God is speaking through me to others. I am sure any of you readers who are Christians can identify a time when you were used of God to speak to someone else. At times we find that those same words God speaks through us are spoken to us.

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Mexico Mission Trip 2017

Cynthia Clifford April 3, 2017 MissionsYoung AdultsYouth

Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. — Mark 16:18

Our Mexico Missions team from our youth and young adults ministries are back with new life changing experiences of what God did in them and through them.
They were able to dedicate 5 full days of serving and loving the people of Ensenada, making the name of Jesus known!

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Who Am I?

Sue Bryan March 29, 2017 Women Rock

In this recent series called, Identity Crisis, we looked at all the roles in which we find our identity and what can happen when these roles change throughout different seasons of our lives. We can become insecure, feel rejected or look to unstable things to once again establish who we are. Pastor Jess started the series by taking us back to the Garden to find out who we are and how God designed us to be… Look at some thoughts from the series and please share with us in the comment at the end your thoughts!

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