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Ways to Create Extra Funds for Christmas and Not Panic!

Maricel Omura November 3, 2017 GeneralWomen Rock

November is here and that means the Holidays are upon us!

How did we get here so fast? Didn’t we just have Christmas, like yesterday? It seems like year after year time goes faster and faster. If you’re like most of us, you’ve haven’t put aside money throughout the year for the holidays (note to self for 2018), but don’t stress yourselves out, let’s create a plan to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday 2017.

Typically, I would recommend saving throughout the year.
Since it’s November, let’s just focus on what we can do NOW!!

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Talking Snakes

Dan Roth October 2, 2017 General

“We saw the need to train our people more, and get the Word and discipleship into their hearts”

This comment came after seeing the spirit of Halloween expressed in some our church members. There is nothing wrong with dressing up the kids (or yourself if you’re into that) and getting candy. We have no problem with having fun or even with decorations. Where we have to question is the expression of those things.

What would cause one of the children of the Light to want to look like the darkness? Why would someone with the resurrected Christ living in them want to decorate their house or their body like the dead? We were brought out of that kingdom into the Kingdom of Light. Our expressions should be from that place of life and light.


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When Words Fail

Dan Roth September 18, 2017

“I ran into a couple that lost their baby. The husband was broken. We cried together and then prayed and talked. I was a mess.”

These few messy sentences summarize so much pain and emotion. I didn’t have any words of wisdom for this couple that lost their child. Words failed me. I had tears, prayers and eventually some encouragement. I don’t think an immediate response of anything other than that would have even been appropriate.

Many people are just like this couple. Tragedy has hit and there are no words to comfort or settle them. We see it every day. Pain and trials are the norms.

Recently in our nation, we have seen loss and tragedy on many levels. In our social and political structures, we are divided. Racially we are heading down the wrong path. In the natural realm, disaster has struck and devastated lives. With our national relationships abroad the word ‘tense’ seems to understate the current norm.

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CBS Interview With Women Rock Conference Guest Speaker, Marilyn Hickey

Cynthia Clifford August 28, 2017 GeneralWomen Rock

Marilyn Hickey was interviewed by the new channel, CBS News about her evangelist crusades that attract millions of people. Marilyn Hickey has traveled to 136 countries, but currently, she has been focusing on the parts of the middle east with the majority of the population being Muslim. Marilyn Hickey who is currently 86-years-old shares about the threats and real dangers of her ministry but gives all glory of success to God who has watched out for her and kept her safe as she has spreads the gospel of Jesus to these nations. She has made it her special mission to build bridges in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Egypt and Sudan.

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