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When the Bride Walks In

Dan Roth June 20, 2017 General

“I did a wedding today and when the bride walked in everyone applauded. It was a first for the weddings I have done.”

I remember this day because I had to iron my shirt for the wedding which made me right on time. You never want the bride or the minister late. I rushed to my spot to officiate and after the whole procession came in they opened the back doors to the chapel and here came the bride. She was dressed in white with a flowing train behind her dress. Her flowers were beautifully arranged and she held them perfectly for everyone to admire. All that was second to her smile as she entered the room looking around at her friends and family and finally resting her gaze on the groom.

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The Proper Order of Things

Dan Roth June 13, 2017 General

“I had some prayer and Bible study time and then went down for breakfast.”
If only every day could start this way. In a perfect world we would be able to set our life in order and have the right priorities in their place.

The reality is that our spouse may have been up earlier than we were and has something on their mind to tell us when we wake up. Or we woke up late and our prayers are said in the shower. Sound familiar yet?

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Mess Ups

Dan Roth June 6, 2017 GeneralPastors

“I blew it this morning from the time I woke up.”

I actually record in my journal two times I had to patch things up after an argument with my wife, one in front of our children. I also had to work with someone else on their issues and then that night preach in the pulpit. My message was called “Stop complaining”. I was obviously preaching to myself.

What is funny is that after the message it was confession time. I almost could’ve had a line and people taking a number. I didn’t mind though because our confession is healthy for us. If we confess then God can work with us. Once we say “God I messed up, forgive me please!” His grace and mercy do the work of forgiving us and cleansing us.

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Brighter Side to Life

Jessica Roth May 30, 2017 GeneralPastorsWomen Rock

Seeing life in a positive way seems harder than it sounds.  We seem to gravitate to the negative and automatically see things in the perspective of defeat or discouragement.  Life likes to give us just enough slack to keep us from falling off a cliff.
I do believe we have to work at seeing things on the brighter side. 

I’m a mom of 3 kids and all of them bring so much love and joy. Our 3rd child Titus taught me joy in a new way.  When he was in the belly we thought for sure he was a girl and we were going to call him Mia Joy translated: my joy. Well he came out a boy so that put us in a new path to naming him, Titus which means “strength.” I do believe all that time saying Mia Joy was a word for him. He came out smiling and the nurses said he was delivered sunny side up. He was born on Easter Sunday; and life always comes from death. Jesus rose on that special day and Titus was born all these decades later. He is our child who just loves life is so joyful majority of the time. He is the funniest kid and sees life on the positive side of the spectrum.

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