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Give Thanks!

Pastor Jessica Roth November 13, 2020

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have the thought of, what can I give God? Think on that for a minute. He does so much for us and yet what can we give Him?

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Steve Kobernik September 13, 2020 General

Join us for 10 days of fasting and praying for America!
September 19 - 28

Covid-19, fires in California, hurricanes on the East and Gulf Coasts, riots in the cities, racial tensions cranked up, culture wars dividing families, and the most tumultuous societal unrest in my life as we move toward the most scary and venomous election in our history…
You need God!  You need the palpable presence of God that leaves you in awe of Him instead of in fear of the future.
So, true believers need to heed the call to humility and prayer.

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COVID-19 Update

Pastor Dan Roth June 20, 2020 General

A Call to Prayer

Hello Rock Family,

We celebrated this weekend, gathering together in the building as a church and it was wonderful. So many of you had tears in your eyes as you walked on campus and felt the presence of God. There is nothing like the corporate gathering of the Church of Almighty God.

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With Great Love Comes Great Sacrifice

Troy Bracken April 16, 2020 General

Rock Church Family,

With great love comes great sacrifice.
This describes the life of Pastor Dan’s father, Dan Roth, Sr. It was on a Tuesday like any other, April 14, 2020, that Mr. Roth passed on to glory … but not until he had finished serving hundreds of people in need that morning.

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Prayer / Oración

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