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International School of Ministry

Good Shepherd Ministries International (GSMI) has created this Bible College curriculum with one main objective: to train laborers for the end-time harvest. Currently over 17,000 ISOM training schools can be found in 146 nations and in over 75 languages.

Hope Partners International

A Hope Center is a place of ministry strategically situated within an area of great poverty. Various services are provided—feeding programs, comprehensive education, vocational training, medical and dental care, and more. In all of this, the goal is always life transformation. Learn more about our Hope Centers and the life-changing work that God is doing at each one.

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Mike Keyes Ministries

MKMI endeavors to spread the full Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world, helping other ministers and ministries to do the same. Our Vision is threefold: 1. Reaching The Lost - MKMI's first objective is to reach the lost for Jesus, presenting the message of salvation to as many as possible within the bounderies of our God- given vision. 2. Teaching The Christians - MKMI's second objective is to teach the child of God, presenting both the milk and the meat from the Word of God. 3. Training The Ministers - MKMI's third objective is to train the ministers and Christian leaders, helping them to do what God has called them to do, effectively and fruitfully.

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Mutual Faith Ministries

Mutual Faith Ministries has been involved in missionary TV broadcasting since 1985, in recent years we have developed the Media division on the Mission Center operations. In order to effectively connect and communicate in developing nations around the world, Mutual Faith Ministries has established regional Mission Centers. A Mission Center is a facility with local national leadership and is a neutral place where pastors and leaders can connect and grow. These Mission Centers hosts conferences, seminars and LLI training.

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Prayer / Oración

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